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Organic Helichrysum

Organic Helichrysum

Helichrysum italicum

Botanical Properties

Often referred to as the Helichrysum Italicum or Immortal, helichrysum is a small bushy shrub that grows to around 50cm in height. It belongs to the Asteraceae family. It prospers in rocky, dry soils, which is why it is often found in Mediterranean regions, the hills of Provence and Corsica.
It can be distinguished by its bright golden-yellow flowers, which grow from long branches and never wither...

Origin and history

Deriving its name from the Greek words for sun and gold, 'helios and chrysos', the helichrysum is a plant endemic to Corsica. Nicknamed the Everlasting Flower, it has been associated with long-lasting powers since ancient times. As a symbol of the eternal nature of the helichrysum and the loving union between two beings, in the olden days, the eternal flowers would be woven into a crown to be worn by brides.

Organoleptic properties

Aspect: liquid
Colour: greenish-yellow to light yellow
Odour: very distinctive, curry-like

Distilled parts: Flowering tips

Country of origin: Italy

Density: 0.88 – 0.92


Main biochemical components or chemotype: neryl acetate.
Allergenic molecules naturally present in this essential oil: Limonene, Linalool.
Certain natural components of this essential oil may cause allergic reactions. Please do an allergy test on the skin in the crease of your elbow before using this product.


By virtue of its high di-ketone content (15% italidione), organic helichrysum essential oil has a powerful haemolytic effect. It has many properties that promote the healing of injuries:

  • Powerful anti-haematic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-ecchymotic
  • Major anticoagulant
  • Decongestant
  • Antispasmodic
  • Healing
  • Relieves congestion


A truly miraculous gem in aromatherapy, organic helichrysum essential oil can be used naturally for haematomas, wounds, burns, scars and acne.
Thanks to its ability to relieve congestion, boost the lymphatic system and regulate blood circulation, helichrysum essential oil is an effective treatment for phlebitis, cellulite, arthritis and Raynaud's disease.



Please consult a doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally.
Oral administration: 2 drops of helichrysum essential oil, twice a day, with a little honey and syrup, or on a lozenge for rosacea.
On the skin: Apply around the haematoma or on the wound.
By diffusion: When diffused in the atmosphere, organic helichrysum essential oil harmonises and soothes the body.

Possible synergies

uts and injuries: Bay laurel

Energetic values and synergies

In energy aromatherapy, essential helichrysum oil is associated with two chakras, the 'Muladhara' (base) and 'Ajna' (third eye). It is red and indigo in colour.
To deal with psychological or emotional shock, apply one drop on the third eye chakra, one drop on your solar plexus and one drop on the soles of your feet.
Scars and bruises: Common sage


Flammable. Oral use only under medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Unadvisable for children under the age of three, pregnant or lactating women. Do not apply to the skin before exposing oneself to the sun. Can be used in cooking. Do not apply neat to the skin.   


The information given on this site regarding essential oils are only to be taken as indications. They do in no way, aim to replace any medical advice given by a qualified doctor. For all therapeutic uses, or if you wish to obtain more information on essential oils, please consult your doctor

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