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Organic Pistacia lentiscus

Organic Pistacia lentiscus

Pistacia lentiscus

Botanical Properties

The lentiscus is a shrub belonging to the Anacardiaceae family which can grow up to 3m high. It grows abundantly in Mediterranean regions. Its foliage is evergreen and its edible red fruits turn brownish-black upon ripening. Its cylindrical flowers bloom from March to May.

Origin and history

It can be found in the Mediterranean regions of Europe, but also in Africa and Asia. It also grows abundantly in the shrublands of Corsica, where a century-old lentiscus was discovered. In Algeria, its seeds are cooked as a traditional remedy for various ailments: digestive disorders, bronchitis, sinusitis and burns. Its nickname 'mastic tree' comes from its precious resin or mastic, which is famous for its many medicinal properties. On the Greek island Chios, the mastic is known as the 'tears of Chios'.

Organoleptic properties

Aspect: liquid, clear
Colour: colourless, yellow
Odour: herbaceous

Distilled parts: Branches

Country of origin: Maroc

Density: 0.850 – 0.875


Main biochemical components: alpha-Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene
Allergenic molecules naturally present in this essential oil: Limonene, Geranium, Linalol.
Certain natural components of this essential oil may cause allergic reactions. Please do an allergy test on the skin in the crease of your elbow before using this product.


Organic Lentiscus Essential Oil is: A venous and lymphatic decongestant, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, phlebotonic, analgesic.


By virtue of its decongestant properties, Pistacia lentiscus is an effective treatment for tired legs, oedemas, cellulite and varicose veins. Widely known for its benefits to the respiratory system and ENT area, it is often used for inhalation or diffusion to treat bronchitis, sinusitis or nasopharyngitis.



Please consult a doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally.
Oral administration: 2 drops of organic Pistacia lentiscus essential oil, twice a day, with a little honey and syrup, or on a lozenge for respiratory disorders.
On the skin: Mix 5 drops of organic Pistacia lentiscus essential oil + 50 drops of organic oil and massage into the areas affected in cases of tired legs or cellulite.
By diffusion: When diffused in the atmosphere, Pistacia lentiscus essential oil helps treat your psycho-emotional side with its excellent calming effect.


Flammable. Oral use only under medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Unadvisable for children under the age of three, pregnant or lactating women. Do not apply to the skin before exposing oneself to the sun. Can be used in cooking. Do not apply neat to the skin.   


The information given on this site regarding essential oils are only to be taken as indications. They do in no way, aim to replace any medical advice given by a qualified doctor. For all therapeutic uses, or if you wish to obtain more information on essential oils, please consult your doctor

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