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Organic Virgin Sweet almond oil 50mL


100% pure and virgin, first cold press

This oil will soften, and improve suppleness, all whilst being truly pleasant to apply to the skin, and leaving it velvety smooth.
As a nourishing and hydrating plant oil, it is known as a protector of dry skin. It will also appease irritated skin, calm itchiness, and soothe all types of burn, including sunburn.

Sweet almond oil will soak deeply into the skin, making it an ideal moisturiser for babies’ bottoms. 

When used as a hair care oil it can be applied to dry tips, which it will soften and smooth.


Appliquer directement sur une peau propre et sèche.


Amygdalus communis *

* From organic culture.

Origin: Espagne

Capacity: 50mL

VAT: 5,5%

Organic Virgin Sweet almond oil 50mL
  • Certifié Agriculture Biologique UE

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  • Certifié Agriculture Biologique
  • Cosmétique - Charte Cosmebio
  • Qualité France
  • Huile Essentielle Botanique et Biologiquement déterminée

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