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Aniba parviflora

Botanical Properties

Rosewood trees are great trees belonging to the Lauraceae family. These trees can measure up to 40m in height. Their simple leaves are persistent through cold spells, it possesses little yellow flowers, and its wood and bark are tinged red, hence its name.

Origin and history

The wood of this tree was already used under the Chinese empire for its aromatic and medicinal properties, but was also used as a precious building material for furniture and construction. Nowadays it is mostly found in French Guyana and in Brazil.

Organoleptic properties

Aspect: liquid at room temperature

Colour: colourless

Odour: subtle, sensual, soft, woody and floral

Distilled parts: Hydrodistillation of the tree’s wood.

Country of origin: Brazil

Density: 0.872 - 0.887


Principal biochemical constituents: Linalool

Allergenic molecules naturally found within this essential oil: Rosewood essential oil does not contain allergens.

Certain natural components within this essential oil may cause allergic reactions. Please do an allergy test on the skin in the crease of your elbow before using this product.


Our rosewood essential oil’s high monoterpene and linalool contents make it a truly interesting anti-infective agent. Antibacterial and antifungal, rosewood has great dermatological benefits, which explains its widespread utilisation in cosmetics and perfumes. Its anxiolytic and calming properties will help reduce stress and nervousness.


Both super soft and agreeable to the touch, rosewood essential oil will fight off mycoses, eczema, acne, stretch marks, wrinkles, cuts, and also itchiness due to stress. Rosewood essential oil will irritate neither your skin nor your mucous membranes, and is therefore a perfect remedy, whatever your skin type or age. Due to its febrifuge and antiviral properties, rosewood can be used against respiratory afflictions and infection.



Please consult your doctor before taking any treatment or therapy orally.

Oral administration:

2 drops per day of rosewood essential oil, with a little honey or on a lozenge under the tongue, to fight off angina, ear infections or laryngitis.

On the skin:

Mix 20 drops of rosewood essential oil in 100 ml of organic musk rose oil and apply to dry skin or stretch marks, especially during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

By diffusion:

Diffuse this oil to disinfect the atmosphere of a room, especially in the case of an otorhinolaryngological (ORL) infection. It will also help bring harmony to the ambiance of the space, whilst promoting relaxation and well-being.

Possible synergies

ORL infections: Ravintsara due to its expectorant properties.

Depression: Damask rose.

Energetic values and synergies

Rosewood essential oil allows the opening of the “crown” chakra, Sahasrara: the 7th chakra. Its associated colour is purple, and it is linked to the element of light. A dysfunctional Sahasrara chakra can cause irritability, arrogance, and impatience.

In synergy: with incense and neroli.

To awaken and harmonise the Sahasrara chakra: Mix 10 drops of rosewood essential oil with 100 ml of organic jojoba oil. Massage the palms of your hands softly, whilst breathing slowly and lifting your hands above your head.


Flammable. Oral use only under medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Unadvisable for children under the age of three, pregnant or lactating women. Do not apply to the skin before exposing oneself to the sun. Can be used in cooking. Do not apply neat to the skin.


The information given on this site regarding essential oils are only to be taken as indications. They do in no way, aim to replace any medical advice given by a qualified doctor. For all therapeutic uses, or if you wish to obtain more information on essential oils, please consult your doctor

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